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FGD Disc Dehydrator
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So far limestonegypsum FGD is applied in the domestic and most of the world.Heat-engine plant adopts DU horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter for solid-liquid separation. The Disc Dehydrator has the advantages of mature technology, reliable performance,and easy operation. But on the other hand, it has the disadvantages of large site area,high energy consumption,high filtrate concentration and high operation and maintenance cost. Our company is always devoted to the research of solid-liquid separation in FGD for gypsum slurry,besides, the market share of our vacuum belt filters has reached 65% in large power plants of China. However, the upgrading of China's FGD market usually has site and other limitations. Considering the trend of global energy conservation and emission reduction,aiming to the traditional desulfurizationMarket, our company has developed a new gypsum slurry dehydration equipment FGD Disc Vacuum Dehydrator,at present, the equipment has been successfully used in the gypsum slurry dehydration of Yunan Qujing Power Plant, Yunyang Power Plant, and Diandong Power Plant. The successful putting into the market of this product solves the disadvantages of large site area,high energy consumption of traditional vacuum belt filter ,and it reduces the cost of the nvestment greatly in the construction and subsequent operation maintenance. Besides, it has stable and reliable operation, great dehydration effect, high quality of gypsum. The equipment is a leap breakthrough for traditional FGD market, which has a profound impact on the global FGD market.

The disc is rotated by reducer, during the disc rotation for one circle, initial filtration, filter cake leaching, gypsum filter cake drying, filter cake discharging, disc backwashing and a series of steps are finished.
Initial filtration:
When it works, it is immersed in the gypsum slurry ,under the effect of disc vacuum attraction ,gypsum initial filter cake is formed on its surface, and the filtrate comes into gas-water separation tank, and filtrate is directly discharged into the filter tank from the liquid outlet of gas-water separation tank.
Filter cake leaching:
The gypsum filter cake coming out from slurry tank by disc gets washing through nozzles, so as to improve the gypsum quality,reduce the chloridion in the gypsum,and meet the requirement that gypsum is less than 100PPM.
Drying area of filter cake:
When the disc continues to rotate, under the effect of high vacuum suction, the disc continues to have dehydration for gypsum, coming into the dry filtration area of gypsum.
Discharging of filter cake:
When the disc is under the effect of non-vacuum, filter cake will be automatically discharged by scraper.
Disc regeneration:
After the discharging of disc, the disc is cleaned by disc cleaning regeneration device, so as to achieve the disc regeneration.
Disc dehydrator finishes a filtering cycle through the above 5 areas.

Compared with the traditional Vacuum Belt Filter, the Disc Dehydrator has the following obvious features:
1.The filtration plane has changed from the traditional horizontal plane to tridimensional plane,which reduces the equipment site area very effectively.
2.It adopts high-tech filtration medium and has solid-liquid separation for slurry,and its filtrate is clear, and it basically has no solid particles, which can be reusable. However, the traditional equipment uses filter cloth as filtration medium,of which the filtrate has high solid content.
3.Compared with the traditional Vacuum Belt Filter, its vacuum damage is smaller, and the equipment has low energy-consumption,which can save energy consumption 70%.
4.Compared with traditional Vacuum Belt Filter, the process water has a lower consumption, which can saves process water about 20%.
5.Compared with the traditional Vacuum Belt Filter, the equipment has compact and reasonable structure, reliable and stable performance and low operation and maintenance cost.
6.It is especially applied for the transformation of Vacuum Belt Filter because the coal has high content of sulfur,and the dehydration equipment lacks of space.