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ZPL- circular dehydrator with fabric filter
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DU-vacuum belt dehydrator and ZPT- circular ceramic dehydrator with the advantages of mature technology and stable performance are generally adopted for gypsum product dehydration by power plan with limestone-gypsum WFGD system.
However, DU equipment are no longer feasible since the upgrading and high space utilization of new projects. It is of great necessity to apply a new facility, ZPL- circular dehydrator with fabric filter which can meet the space requirement and unstable quality of gypsum slurry , in light of uncertainty of gypsum slurry quality and the high requirement on slurry of ZPT circular ceramic dehydrator.
With the strength of small footprint, strong processing ability, low cost, mature technology, reliable performance, convenient operation, and large applying possibility, ZPT circular ceramic dehydrator has the potential to be broadly spread in desulfurization industry. ZPT circular ceramic dehydrator, a mature facility, has been applied and developed in mine as early as 40 years ago, becoming the most applied filtration equipment for mineral processing, especially for ironstone processing. Some renowned manufacturers including EIMCO, denver in america, humboldt in germany, sarah international in sweden, ANDRITZ in austria, sanji enterprise in japan and other companies in former soviet union had had competitive products with 300 square meters filtering area, and hundreds of specifications. At that time, the manufacturers pursued automatic control of mineral slurry in tank, large equipment, more filter fan amount of each circular, and steam drying and dewatering technology if the needed water is low to achieve an optimum effect. When DU series products tackled tape width problem, the market share of former competitive products began to decrease.

The filtration feature of ZPT circular ceramic dehydrator is the adoption of capillary principle. The ceramic filter plate sintered by hydrophilic ceramics replaces traditional filter plate and cloth. An air free consumption filtration with high vacuum degree is formed thanks to the surface tension between water and ceramics. Moisture in microporous can not be lost without the overflow of air, hence the vacuum consumption is extremely low. The superiority of this equipment can be demonstrated tremendously when processing subtle and viscous materials.

The foreign advanced technology, ZPL circular dehydrator with fabric filter was introduced in the 1970s in china. The core technology of it was increasingly mastered by national manufacturers in 1985, and we completely got hold of it in the early 1990s. Now ZPL technology has been largely replaced by the mature DU and ZPT products. We led the promotion of ZPT products in the field of gypsum dehydration (FGD) and registered great achievements. However, the leader and related personnel were increasingly realize that ZPL series product can better adapt to the construction site after receiving the continues feedback.(congestion of plate, acid emissions, the quality of backwash water, and oily materials.)

We absorbed the advantages of similar ZPL products at home and broad, conducting systematic research, optimal design, making major breakthrough in view of the characteristics of gypsum slurry that is high-density, high settling rate, viscosity, and strong causticity. After multiple experiment and comparison with DU product, we drew a conclusion that it can improve 100% or so productivity, reduce 75% floor area, 70% energy consumption, notably ameliorate working condition and labor intensity.

Comparing with ZPT product, the adoptable ability on materials of ZPL has been greatly improved, the productivity for a unit of projected area has been increased by 200%, operation and maintenance cost would be cut at least 60%. For more details please see the correlation table.

Product parameters

ZPL system consists of one machine of ZPL circular dehydrator with fabric filter, one matching vacuum pump, one steam-water separator, one compressed gas storage and corresponding supply system of water, electricity and gas. The work process es are as followed:

ZPL products are driven by reduction box and gear transmission, which enable filter fans to rotate at a certain rate in tank full of slurry. When one filter fan of a plate in filtration and adsorption zone, a filter cake is formed as solid materials are attracted on the filtering medium (filter cloth) with the help of vacuum pump causing differential pressure of filter cloth on both sides. The filtrate expels through filtrate pipe and distributing head. When the fan enters dehydration area from pulp level, the water in filter cake is separated by the suction force of vacuum and discharging from filtrate pipe and distributing head again. In this way, the cake is dried. The drained water in the above process enters drainage system of height difference or zero discharge system to achieve automatic discharge of filtrate.

After entering discharge zone, there is a large flow of0.025~0.035Mpa compressed air generated by blower or air compressor. It blows over compressed air container, distributing head of filter, and filtrate pipe. The filter cloth is ballooned out when the air sweep in the filter fan. And the filter cake is blown away the cloth. Under the force of gravity.

Comparison between ZPL, ZPT, and DU products in the field of FGD

Comparing productivity on the basis of 45T water contains 10% gypsum